Call for papers ISISA / RETI Lesvos 2016

Call for papers for ISISA Islands of the World Conference 2016, in association with RETI network, 23-27 May 2016, Mytilini, Lesvos Island, Greece.

 “ Niss(i)ology and Utopia: back to the roots of Island Studies”  
ISISA (International Small Islands Studies Association) Islands of the World XIV Conference
In association with RETI (Excellence Network of Island Territories)
23 - 27 May 2016
Mytilini, Lesvos Island, Greece

Key Deadlines
Abstract submission: 31/10/2015
Notification of acceptance: 16/11/2015
Early registration: 30/01/2016
Modalités de présentation
Language : Anglais
File format: .doc
Text format: 250 mots (max.) + 5 mots-clés
The abstracts of the accepted papers will be available on-line on the conference website.
Manuscripts can be:
(a) up-loaded at “Archipelago”, the repository of the University of the Aegean, dedicated to the promotion of scientific literature on islandness and insularity (,  
(b) submitted for publication in a number of journals, subject to peer review, such as  “Island Studies Journal”, the official journal of ISISA,
(c) published in a book series titled “Rethinking the Island” curated by E. Stratford, G. Baldacchino, and E. McMahon for Rowman and Littlefield International.
Early registration (until 30 January 2016):
For ISISA Members 200 €
For young reseraches (under 30) or Ph.D. students 150 €
Non ISISA Members + 16.5 €
Posters 150 €
Late registration / upon arrival:
For ISISA Members 300 €
For young reseraches (under 30) or Ph.D. students 200 €
Non ISISA Members + 16.5 €
Posters 200 €
Scientific topics:
The conference will be structured around three major topics:
  • Integrated Management of islands: islands are by definition ideal laboratories for conceptualizing, planning and implementing integrated approaches. Here, environmental, economic and social aspects of management and policies will be explored.
Indicative themes include:
Environmental management of islands
Protected areas and islands
Islands as socio-ecological systems: resilience and vulnerability
Climate change and islands
  • Island Identity - Niss(i)ology and Utopia: the experience of islands and on islands is interwoven with culture, production, nature, landscape and history. Here, identity issues, but also branding opportunities and strategies will be discussed in order to cope with island culture and specificities to generate national, regional or international competitiveness. At the same time, islands have always been associated with “utopias” and “dystopias”.
Indicative themes include:
Island branding
Island identities: “tradition” and “globalization”
Islands as utopias
“Islomania” and “islophobia”
Reading, writing and islands: representations of islands in art and culture
  • Attractiveness and Accessibility of islands: focusing on overcoming or facing isolation, while discussing what makes islands more or less attractive as places for living or working on. Here, the discussion will focus on how to create an “alternative” attractiveness compared to that of “core areas”, based on the ‘quality of island life’.
Indicative themes include:
Living on islands: economy and quality of life
Accessibility of islands
Archipelagoes and islands
Tourism and Islands

ISISA Student scholarship awards
The International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA) and the organizers of the 14th Islands of the World Conference at the University of the Aegean, Greece, are pleased to announce a scholarship competition:  a maximum of six awards of €500 each will be made to suitable candidates, who will be presented with their awards at the Conference.
Applications, by email only, should be sent to the ISISA Treasurer, Professor Steve Royle, at by 31 January 2016, and include the following:
  • Name and current institutional affiliation of the student applicant
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Name of degree for which the student applicant is registered and year of registration
  • Title of paper to be presented at the Conference
  • Abstract of paper as submitted to, and accepted by, the Conference
  • Statement of up to 150 words on why it is important for the student applicant to attend this conference.

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