In  her introduction to the acts of the colloquium " The island Laboratory " which was held at the University of Corsica from 19th  up to 21st  June 1997, our colleague, Anne Meistersheim, which for a long time saw on the island a space of complexity, also reminded that this " place of utopia and experimentation " could be an object of research.
The insularity is indeed little estimated among academics, quite reluctant to the transdisciplinarity whose its study imposes. In spite of the offered perspectives, this domain interests thus generally only to a researchers' minority.
The university of Corsica, through the RETI network wishes today to resume and to concretize these reflections by offering to academics a space of exchange, but also an organization and a logistics susceptible to help them to meet with each other, to develop common projects and to value  as widely  as possible their works and reflections. Indeed if the existence of this network finds its roots in the faith of some pioneers, the current project, carried out by the institutions, aims at giving it the widest audience to take out the insularity of its marginality.
It was an incipient meeting that took place on July 9th and 10th, 2010 in Corti (Corsica), which allowed the presidents of the various universities to express their expectations and the researchers to work on the development of their works.
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Network evolution

2010 : 19 founding members. Signature of the Agreement at Palazzu Naziunale, Corti, Corsica.

2011 : 24 universities members.

2013 : 26 universities members.

RETI Presidents

2010-2013 : Pr. Antoine Aiello, Università di Corsica Pasquale Paoli, Corsica.
2013-2016 : Pr. Jose Regidor Garcia, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.
2016-2019 : Pr. Clive MULHOLLAND, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland.


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