RETI activities

Election of the new President of the RETI network : call for candidacies - 29/05/2016

The election aiming at appointing the next President of the RETI network will take place through an online vote in acces from July, 1th to July, 5th. Candidacies are sent within June 01th at 0h00...

Island Tourism - Malta 2016 : Programme and abstracts are online - 16/11/2016

"Island Tourism: Economic and Labour Market Implications", Symposium and Autumn School, University of Malta: 18 - 22 November 2016 The programme:
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Pubblicazzione del XVImo bando VINCI italo francese - 06/01/2016

La RETI informa che l’Università Italo Francese / Université Franco italienne ha emesso il sedicesimo bando Vinci. L’ambito di la sua applicazione interessa la mobilità degli studenti, Dottorandi,...
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Dont forget to read the last RETI Newsletter (nb 8 - January 2017).

The first works of Malta are available

Academical and scientifical events
November 2017 : The University of Ryukyus, Okinawa will host the RETI event 2017.